Ordering Green Walnuts

We sell green walnuts for the short time that they are in season. Because the picking time varies from year to year depending on weather conditions what we do is take orders for green walnuts before 1 December each year and dispatch the orders some time in December when the green walnuts are at their best.

Green Walnuts

Green walnuts is the usual name for immature walnuts that are ready for pickling and other uses such as described in Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia 'In some countries immature nuts in their husks are preserved in vinegar. In England these are called "pickled walnuts" and this is one of the major uses for fresh nuts from small scale plantings. In Armenian cuisine, walnuts are preserved in sugar syrup and eaten whole. In Italy, liqueurs called Nocino and Nocello are flavoured with walnuts, while Salsa di Noci ("Walnut Sauce") is a pasta sauce originating from Liguria. In Georgia, walnuts are ground along with other ingredients to make walnut sauce.'

The green walnut season at Wellwood is short and the best time for picking the green walnuts varies each season.

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Sometimes walnuts in shell that have just been picked from the tree and have not been dried are also referred to as "green walnuts" although a better name for them is "wet walnuts". We do not supply those but you may be interested that chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says that wet walnuts are mild, milky and sweet, with just a hint of that tanic edge that makes walnuts the sophisticate of nuts.

green walnuts